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Midna & Link reunion movie coming up.

2008-01-10 11:22:32 by Voelva


Midna & Link reunion movie coming up.


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2008-01-11 08:12:45

i'm looking forward to this one- loved the first one, better than allot that's out there.
keep up the good work-

Voelva responds:

Thanks A.S.


2008-01-12 06:06:56

Looking good so far. No nipples, though.

Voelva responds:

Well she's nipple-free in TP. But I do prefer her with em... otherwise she looks empty.

So don't worry. :P


2008-01-17 07:11:08

This looks like it's gonna be really good. Can't wait for it to come out. Any idea on when you're gonna finish it?

(Updated ) Voelva responds:

I have yet to make a story. So far it's looking good. And I've started drawing parts of it. And the presentation is pretty much done.

If you'd like further information, I've made a few topics about it on the MFF (

That is if you wanna keep yourself updated, go have a visit. It's also the friendliest forum known to mankind. :P


2008-01-18 22:15:11

lol this will be funny


2008-01-24 21:28:08

no offense but in the last movie you made her look fat can we look forward to that not happening again

Voelva responds:


Perhaps you havn't noticed. But Midna's hips are huge.


2008-02-01 10:03:06

nice This I think is gona be GOOOD:D