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Entry #1

Future projects.

2008-01-05 09:59:37 by Voelva



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2008-01-05 10:43:21

iowaspikehead ur a loser if u dont like hentai games. a game with link sounds good and u must have been using flash a long time if u can make her look so realistic. keep up the good work

(Updated ) Voelva responds:

Thanks for the kind words. And yeah I used flash quite alot a few years back. But I mostly used it to draw stuff.


2008-01-05 16:24:16

A good start that the animation. Looking foward to more work. I agree with Retarded1 overall.
Also great first comment there I got a similar one myself we are better.


2008-01-13 22:32:52

you should make a hentai game with midna and link in it,i am suddenly your fan!!!